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Welcome to Channelswimming.net

This web site has now returned to being one of Michael & Angela Oram's personal web sites. It contains information about English Channel swimming completed under the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation guidelines. There is also Information about the CS&PF / CS&PS registered escort boats, thier pilots & other forms of escorted crossings such as Adventure Gig rows.

Our kayak crossings are subject to the French Authorities agreement. See the link to "Unorthodox Crossings" in the selection boxes on the left hand side of this page.

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We can help you swim from England to France under the watchful eye of one of the CS&PF recognised, commercially qualified Channel Escort pilots on one of our registered, commercially certificated Channel crossing escort vessels. Included on this site is the information of the other pilots and escort boats we work with. See "Escort Boats"

If you want to cross the English Channel by "other methods" such as rowing or canoeing/ kayaking and need a registered escort pilot, boat and crew to assist you. - See "General Info" key in the panel on the left hand side of this page.


-Click here - Link to "standard information pack"

This is the basic information pack to help you if you are searching for informatiojn on English Channel Swimming and the CS&PF. It's free for everyone to look at. Please read and understand it's contents BEFORE booking a pilot or applying to swim.

The first thing to do is contact us (see "Escort Boats") to find out our availability and organise a swim/ crossing place. If we are booked or you want to go with another pilot the contact information is on the Escort boat page. Be aware that pilots are taking bookings for years in advance.

Once you have a confirmed booking and have sorted out your pilots contract and deposit you need to register with the CS&PF office - secretary@cspf.co.uk - The CS&PF application and medical forms are sent out in the last week of December in the year before your swim booking (or after this date) as they need to be completed in the year of your swim.

All CS&PF application and medical forms must be completed and sent to the CS&PF office before the 30th April in the year of your swim.

The CS&PF paperwork for the your swim must be completed and registered by the 31st May in the year of your swim

The CS&PF register the season's swims with the British and French authorities during the first week of June.

6 hour solo ratification swims & 2 hour ratification relay swims must be confirmed in writing with the office no later than 14 days before the beginning of the tide you are registered to swim on. The 6 hour swim can be completed and any stage during the 30 months before your swim. The 2 hour swim can be completed at any time in the 18 months before your swim. The team leader is to be responsible for confirming with the office all the relay teams 2 hour swims once ALL the team members have completed them.

The new official CS&PF web site is now - 


The Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (CS&PF) is the "Governing Body for English Channel Swimming"

They are recognised by the British and French Authorities and sporting bodies around the world. This web site is here to help guide you in the right direction for a successful English Channel swim or crossing.


Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation

Would you like to


The CS&PF are looking for enthusiastic local people to observe and officiate on their English Channel Swims.

You must have (and bring) your passport - be over 18 - and available at short notice during the summer swim season, between July & October. Expenses are covered and our Pilot Boat crews will look after you. Training is provided.


We would like to hear from you. For more information please contact Tanya Harding , the CS&PF Observer Coordinator ... or Michael Oram, the CS&PF Chairman.