In 1999 the CSA (Channel Swimming Association)  was turned into a limited company.
It ceased in it's original form at the November 1999 AGM.

Many of the original members concerned by this move joined a new group formed to 
continue Channel swimming under the original traditional system. The new organisation 
was named the CS&PF - Channel Swimming & Piloting federation

The Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation (CS&PF) gained it's Full recognition as a 
Governing Body of English Channel Swimming for the beginning of the 2000 swim season.

From the beginning of the year 2000 the Channel swim results were split into 2 separate 
lists of results for the years that followed. CS&PF swims and CSA ltd swims.

The CS&PF recognised all swims completed within the rules of Recognised organisations.

The swim lists below are for Successful English Channel swims up to end of 1999.

For the successful CS&PF swims from 2000 onward use link below -- 

CS&PF Results 2000 onwards

Recognised successful swims 1875 to year 2000.

The swim numbering might not be as found in other English Channel swim lists. 

Successful solo Channel Swims by YEAR

Successful solo Channel swims by NAME 

Successful solo Channel swims by TIME


Successful Relay Channel Swims by YEAR

Successful relay Channel swims by NAME

Successful Relay Channel swims by TIME


Butlin Swims/ races 1950's